Talent show at Don Bosco Embu

Talent show at Don Bosco Embu

“Affrik Media” organized a talent show at Don Bosco Embu.

On 28th October and selected over 70 of our students to take part in the completion later in December. It was a nice sight to see several of our students showing their talents.
Don Bosco Embu took part in the regional level sports competition and our school took the second position for basketball. Congratulations to them and to Fr. Nicodemus, the Principal and Mr. James, the coach.
Several secondary schools visit-ed Don Bosco Embu as part of their educational tour. The students were guided professionally through the compound of Don Bosco Embu

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Don Bosco Embu offers both Secondary School Education and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Don Bosco Embu has a  (Bro Umberto Memorial Farm) that is used both for production and training interns. It is also the Salesian Aspirantate for Kenya. We are located in Embu County, on Kiritiri Road, 7km from Embu Town.